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Students at Chubbuck Youth are given the opportunity to advance their craft and career with our roster of specialized classes. These classes provide specific classes aimed at improving typically weak areas and exposing their talents to the industry in a supportive and creative environment. We put the student first and foremost in an atmosphere that is supportive of the individual creative process. Led by industry professionals, our specialized classes not only provide you with insightful lessons, but also terrific networking opportunities. With Chubbuck Youth’s variety of classes, we help our young actors hone their skills and expose them to the different aspects of the industry.






Chubbuck Youth Professional Courses

College Audition Prep

College Coaching is a six-month, in-depth process of selecting audition material tailored to the student, and preparing for the grueling college audition circuit. Coaching begins in late August and is complete in February(depending on the student’s audition schedule). The goal is to make this experience both a positive and productive one.

Professional Short Film Production: Acting for Film

Student must be enrolled in Core Scene Study to qualify

Using a professional crew and equipment, the Chubbuck Youth Professional Short Film Production Class produces an original short film that is submitted to film festivals and recognized by IMDB, which gains the student credits on IMDB. In this unique class, students learn how to use their training from Core Scene Study and apply their talent in the most effective way when being filmed. Students are encouraged to use the final product on their resumes and for their reels.

Private Coaching

Private acting coaching is an exceptional way for actors to foster growth outside of class or during a busy audition season; it is also an excellent way to receive extra support while preparing for performance.

Theater Intensive: Acting for the Stage

Student must be enrolled in Core Scene Study to qualify

Everything is bigger in the theater, so although theater acting requires the same acting skills you need to be truthful on screen, you also need additional training specific to acting in theatre. The Theater Intensive is a two month long class held seasonally. In this class, the students learn, rehearse and perform a one-act play that can be used on their resume.

Demo Reel Update

If your reel is in need of an update, Chubbuck Youth can get your reel up to professional quality. We utilize the structure applied in our Professional Short Film Production: Acting for Film course and our On Camera Technique Class, but specialize the experience for the individual.


The Showcase

Students enrolled in the Core Scene Study Classes are given a moment to shine with the Chubbuck Youth Talent Showcase! The Chubbuck Youth Talent Showcase is attended by both family and industry professionals. Agents, Managers and Casting professionals attend looking for our professionally trained and highly prepared young actors. It is both a great career opportunity, and a fun experience to enjoy with friends and family.





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