The Chubbuck Youth Program is pleased to announce our roster of classes specifically designed for youth actors.

At Chubbuck Youth, we provide professional-level television, commercial, theater, and film acting classes for youths and teenagers, from beginning to advanced levels. Using the world famous Chubbuck Technique, our classes teach the art of acting used, as well as improving self-esteem, communication skills, and confidence. Our highly experienced teachers and staff, who currently work in the industry both in front of and behind the camera, have an excellent reputation for cultivating a supportive and fun atmosphere that fosters the talent and skill of the young actor.

The current class schedule at Chubbuck Youth includes the following classes for both teen and youth students: Youth Core Scene Study, Teen Core Scene Study I, Teen Core Scene Study II, Film Technique: Acting for the Camera and Theater Intensive: Acting for the Stage. Additionally, the Chubbuck Youth Program is expanding to include Casting Director Workshop, Business of Acting: Making a Career Out of Talent, Agent Assessment Workshop, Pilot Season Intensive, and Chubbuck Youth Advanced Studio.

The Chubbuck Youth Staff is led by Claire Chubbuck, Motion Picture and Television Executive, Jennifer Collins, Professional Actor and Teacher, and Amy Dudgeon, Professional Actor and Teacher.

Chubbuck Youth Roster - Spring 2016

Ongoing Scene Study

Scene Study is the core of acting as an art and is essential for embarking on a career as an actor. At Chubbuck Youth, the basics and terminology of scene study and script analysis are introduced, then more fully explained and defined. At all levels, the Chubbuck Youth roster of Scene Study provides each student with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to create an organic performance that is unique to each actor.

Youth Core Scene Study

Ages 7-12

Sunday from 1pm to 3pm in Studio A

The Chubbuck Youth Children’s Program focuses on supporting the natural performer in each student as they learn the fundamentals of acting. We use a curriculum that teaches the young actors to confidently express themselves in any situation. At Chubbuck Youth, we prepare our young actors so that they arrive on a professional set prepared, excited, confident and ready to shine.

Teen Core Scene Study I

Ages 12-17

Saturday from 11:30am to 1:30pm in Studio A

Using a modified, age appropriate version of The Chubbuck Technique, Core Scene Study I guides the young actors so that they can be given any script, as they would in a variety of professional situations, and work through distinct character choices.


Please note enrollment dates are limited for this course and the initial course term is 8 weeks.

Teen Core Scene Study II

Ages 14-17

Saturday from 2pm to 4pm in Studio A

Core Scene Study II fosters long-term growth and professional preparation for students that want to work on acting as an artistic craft. Using the Technique, the class focuses on in-depth script analysis, listening and engaging truthfully with scene partners, improvisation and memorization, and perfecting the art of acting along with preparation for professional work in movies, television and stage. Chubbuck Youth offers a superior level of training for teen actors who are already working in the industry.

Specialized Classes

Private Coaching

Private acting coaching is an exceptional way for actors to foster growth outside of class or during a busy audition season; it is also an excellent way to receive extra support while preparing for performance.

The Showcase

Students enrolled in the Core Scene Study Classes are given a moment to shine with the Chubbuck Youth Talent Showcase! The Chubbuck Youth Talent Showcase is attended by both family and industry professionals. Agents, Managers and Casting professionals attend looking for our professionally trained and highly prepared young actors. It is both a great career opportunity, and a fun experience to enjoy with friends and family.

Professional Short Film Production: Acting for Film

Student must be enrolled in Core Scene Study to qualify

Using a professional crew and equipment, the Chubbuck Youth Professional Short Film Production Class produces an original short film that is submitted to film festivals and recognized by IMDB, which gains the student credits on IMDB. In this unique class, students learn how to use their training from Core Scene Study and apply their talent in the most effective way when being filmed. Students are encouraged to use the final product on their resumes and for their reels.

Theater Intensive: Acting for the Stage

Student must be enrolled in Core Scene Study to qualify

Everything is bigger in the theater, so although theater acting requires the same acting skills you need to be truthful on screen, you also need additional training specific to acting in theatre. The Theater Intensive is a two month long class held seasonally. In this class, the students learn, rehearse and perform a one-act play that can be used on their resume.

College Audition Prep

College Coaching is a six-month, in-depth process of selecting audition material tailored to the student, and preparing for the grueling college audition circuit. Coaching begins in late August and is complete in February(depending on the student’s audition schedule). The goal is to make this experience both a positive and productive one.







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