We provide professional-level television, commercial, theater, and film acting classes for youths and teenagers, from beginning to advanced levels. Using the world famous Chubbuck Technique, our classes teach the art of acting used professionally, as well as improving self-esteem, communication skills, and confidence. Our highly-experienced teachers and staff, who currently work in the industry both in front of and behind the camera, have an excellent reputation for cultivating a supportive and fun atmosphere to realize your creativity and talent.


If you want to explore your raw talent or you are already serious about pursuing a career as a professional actor, Chubbuck Youth offers comprehensive training to build and refine the skills you need to succeed in the business.


In this technique you won't be hiding behind a character, you'll learn how to become the character-first by finding the psyche of that character and then by determining how that particular psychology of the character parallels to your own.

You'll actually be yourself.  This makes a strong impact on your audience because they now can relate to you and what you're going through.  This makes the character more humanized and lifts it more effectively off the script page.  That's why, with this technique, you'll never be expected to become an animal or a tree with sap running down it.  Bottom line, it's not human.  You won't have to do anything esoteric like "finding your center."  No crying exercises or drinking coffee that doesn't exist.  For all intents and purposes this technique is based in the science of behavior and psychology, making it easier to learn because it is logical.  In other words, what people really do, not what actors think they do.

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Core Scene Study I (12-17)

Core Scene Study II (14-17)

Kids Core Scene Study

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Acting for Film (Production)

Acting for the Stage (Play)

On Camera Technique

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Audition Intensive

Chubbuck Youth Bootcamp

Power of the Actor Weekend

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Demo Reel Production

Demo Reel Editing

Audition Taping

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For the past thirty-five years the renowned Ivana Chubbuck Studio has been available for adult participation exclusively.  Her daughter, Claire Chubbuck, has adapted the technique to make it accessible and age-appropriate for kids and teens, yet still offers the same acting tools that have created award-winning actors. Students of Ivana Chubbuck Studios and Ivana Chubbuck Youth are well represented at the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tony’s, and many other international awards.


Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers one of the most all-encompassing programs for professional young actors. Our goal is to assist the young actors in making choices in class work to bring their acting to a professional level for the purpose of gaining further work in the entertainment industry.



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